How This Works

Short version: You provide a chair in a well lit room. I will bring the rest.

Getting your hair done at home is meant to be easy, simple and comfortable for you.

To make an appointment, you can email me at or call or text my cell at (518) 334-0744. I have daytime, evening and Sunday hours. I will travel within 30 minutes of zip 12209 (30+ min = $5 extra).

My cancellation policy is “I understand, life happens.” I expect you will do your best to keep your appointment or give me advance notice, and I will do the same. If you do have to cancel, please do not stress out about it.

Also, don’t worry about clutter. I promise my house has been (might currently be) messier than yours. So as long as you have a space for us to work in, we are totally good – NO judgement about housekeeping!

I will bring almost everything we need for our appointment. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Stool or chair with a back low enough to reach the head of your shortest customer (or they can sit on it sideways if that’s comfy);
  • Area with decent lighting and a sweepable surface under us (or you can spread a sheet out over a rug to catch the hair)
  • If kids are hanging around, plans for them to stay out from directly underfoot (breaks to attend to them totally fine; tripping over them while working not fine). I am happy to wear your infant or small toddler on my back while I work if that is helpful.

Something not mentioned or confusing? Special accommodations needed? Ask away!

(Low scent/chemically sensitive services available upon request.)