Your wood windows are worth a lot to both the form and function of your home. If repaired and maintained, they will outlast replacements. If properly weather proofed, they are as efficient or more so (and way cheaper and more environmentally sound when you factor in how long they last). And when it comes to character of course there’s no comparison.
Do yours need repair? Flow Historic Window Repair can help.


Photos from Past Projects

Albany One Family House, Buckingham Pond Area
(Began with two windows)

Window sash interior paint damaged, built up, and sticky. Exterior paint chipping.  Then stripped and ready for reconditioning and repainting.

Window jambs with deteriorated paint, and then stripped and reconditioned.

Finishing up: Rehanging sash and painting the sill. Windows are now working smoothly and durable for the long-term.



Brick row house in South Troy undergoing a thorough rehab to rentable condition with a neighborhood landlord. (8 Windows)