Hello, I’m Leon, and I like to keep things interesting. I’m always expanding on new projects and fields of expertise, but it all comes back to a client-focused customer service experience, combining technical skills with creative problem solving, and a love for working with my hands.

I live in the Delaware Avenue area of Albany, in a 1920 2-family home where we’re lucky to have all our original wood windows (even some wooden storms and screens). I worked for a while in urban real estate so I developed an informed appreciation for why old homes are so wonderful, and the challenges they present.  I am enjoying the opportunity to help my neighbors near and far to keep their old windows up and running, overcoming one of those old-house challenges.

In 2012 I was inspired by the busy parents in my life to start offering professional in-home hair services. That business grew to a diverse and enthusiastic base of clients who prefer the home environment for many different reasons.

I love being able to be flexible for myself and for my clients, and taking great care in doing good work in all these challenging fields.

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