FB_IMG_1507307261181Thank you for your inquiry about historic window repair.

I am currently booking window repair jobs for summer and fall 2018.

We will schedule an appointment in the near future for an evaluation and discussion of your needs. I’ll provide you with a written estimate for the job, and if you decide to proceed we’ll put it in our calendars. Estimates are free within 30 minutes drive of NYS Thruway Exit 23.

For the evaluation, please make sure we’ll be able to access all of the involved windows from the inside, with space to move around and reasonable lighting. Make note of any issue you’ve noticed, such as cracks in glass or windows that are difficult to open and close.

When it’s time to begin the job, I will need 6′ in all directions from the window cleared of furnishings, window dressings, etc, to help prevent the spread of potentially lead-contaminated dust. I follow the EPA rules (legally required) as well as common sense for lead containment, to keep your home’s occupants as safe as possible. If furnishings are difficult to move, we can plan how to best seal them off with plastic sheeting.